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Alex & Carol [ Kotare ] 06-Jul-2012
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 10-Apr-2006

Cavalleria beach (Beach)

Trebaluger Talayot (Historic)



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Alex & Carol [ Kotare ] 06-Jul-2012


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Alex & Carol [ Kotare ] 06-Jul-2012

Where we docked (Town Dock)

We anchored and pulled bow-to into an available slip on the waterfront. We paid 25 per night to the charter company that owned the slip.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Jan-2008

Cova den Xoroi (Bar)

A fascinating bar and disco weaving in and out of caves on the side of a cliff that was once home to a Moorish pirate.

There is a €15 fee to enter the area during the day, which includes your first drink.

Legend has it that a shipwrecked Moorish pirate, Xeroi, lived in these caves, stealing from local farms.

They could never catch him, as the entrance to his cave was too well concealed.

He kidnapped a local girl from the town of Alayor and made her his wife for about 10 years, during which they produced 4 children.

Many years later, during a freak snow storm, they found his tracks in the snow which led to the entrance to the cave.

Xeroi and his oldest son (by his kidnapped bride) committed suicide by jumping off the cliff. The wife and another children were returned to the community.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 12-Apr-2006

Cala Coves

This is a spectacular cove with ancient tomb caves carved into the cliffs. Some of these caves look like they have been lived in, within the last century.

We drove down the long, winding dirt road from the highway above.

It looks like it would be a great overnight anchorage.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Jan-2008

Trepuco Talayot (Historic)

3000 year old structures from the bronze age.

The T shaped monolithic structures are known as taulas.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Jan-2008