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Beautiful old walled city. Many shops and things to see. Bustling tourist town.

There seem to be many café/bars but only a few restaurants in the old town, but when we finally got in to a restaurant the food was good.

It is quite a long walk around the marina, past the night clubs and across the bridge to the town, but worth the walk.

I took the dinghy and tied up next to the foot bridge when we needed to load groceries.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 10-Aug-2007

Port Authority (Formalities)

I went to the Port Authority by dinghy to add my brother and his girlfriend to the List of Persons and add them to the Crew List.

The official was very laid back about it all. He was not interested in the crew list and told me to put it away.

He also told me to just add my two guests to the list of persons. He reluctantly stamped or endorse the list next to their names, but only after I asked him to.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 10-Aug-2007

Zadar Fuel Dock (Fuel)

There is normally a line to get to the fuel dock, especially when charter boats are returning.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 10-Aug-2007

Tankerkomerc Marina (Marina)

Zadar Marina

One of the few times I stayed in a marina in Croatia, just because it was easier to pick up a guest.

I think I paid about €35/night. There are few facilities in the marina. The laundry is in town and one needs to walk around the marina and across the bridge to town for restaurants.

The marina office sells tickets for Kornati National Park at a substantial discount. The park fees are normally 250Kn(€35) per day for 9-11m but discount tickets are only 150Kn.(€21).

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 10-Aug-2007

Laundrowash (Internet)

The laundry provides internet acccess as well.

Spire Brusine 16 (Piramida)
23000 Zadar (Poluotok)

Ph +385 023 311 340
Email: zadar@laundrowash.com

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Feb-2008

Marina Borik (Marina)

+385 23 333 036 VHF17

1nm from town
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Oct-2008

Zlatna Luka Marina (Marina)

Laundrowash (Closed) (Laundry)

In 2009 we were disappointed to find that the Laundrowash in old town Zadar had closed down. The nearest laundry was about a 10 minute cab ride out of town near the bus terminus. We will provide directions shortly.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 21-Sep-2009
A full load wash & dry (11kg) self service is 50kuna in local currency (6 euro) and 80kuna (11 euro) for a complete drop off where it all gets sorted for you, those prices include the washing detergent, fabric softener and bleaches. We also have internet and drinks available while you wait.
Laundrowash [ Laundrowash ] 24-Jun-2008
With guests arriving, I needed to wash lots of towels and sheets.

I brought the laundry in the dinghy and tied up in the SW corner of the bridge.

Through the city wall gate and straight ahead to Spire Brusine. Take a left, past the derelict church and the laundry can be seen down a lane to the right. The marker shows the approximate position.

Spire Brusine 16 (Piramida)
23000 Zadar (Poluotok)

Ph +385 023 311 340
Email: zadar@laundrowash.com


It was ready the same day, and it came back nicely folded.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 10-Aug-2007

Self Service Laundry (Laundry)

After much research, the closest laundry we could find was a 10 minute cab ride out of town on route to the airport, on Vladka Maceka.

The laundromat was unattended and tokens were dispensed by a vending machine. Large modern machines dispensed soap automatically so it was not neccessary to add detergent.

After doing our laundry, we walked back to the main bus terminus and caught the bus back to the Tankomerc marina.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 21-Sep-2009

Bus Terminus (Bus)