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Ionian Islands (North)

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 27-Jul-2010

Corfu (Kerkyra)

The greenest of all the Greek islands, Corfu's natural beauty is hidden under a cloak of emerald green, with a mountainous skyline plunging into the bluest of blue waters.
Elegant architecture, sun blessed beaches, enchanting nightlife and fine cuisine all play their part in attracting visitors from all over the world. With a welcome as warm as the sun, the renowned reputation the Greeks possess for their unique and instinctive hospitality makes any visitor feel more than at home. The island has something to offer to everyone. Corfu Town itself is a contrasting combination of old and new existing side by side in perfect harmony. According to tradition Corcyra, the dialect of the Dorians, was the daughter of Asopus River. Poseidon loved her, stole her away and transported to the northernmost large island of the Ionian Sea, which in turn was named after her.From the love of God with the mortal was born Phaeacian, the founder of the inhabitants. Another ancient name of Corfu was Drepanon, from its shape. In one of the bays of Paleokastritsa, according to the legend, pulled the shipwrecked Odysseus and ran naked in the beautiful Nausicaa and her girlfriends. Seven years held prisoner of erotic desire of the king of Ithaca, until ordered by Zeus, and after prayers to the goddess Athena, Calypso allowed him to leave. Corfu in 1864 On the island of Corfu was hosted by Jason and Medea when they left Colchis, pursued by Aeetes . Colony of Corinth, in 229 BC surrendered to the Romans. Goths, Normans, Genoese, Venetians, French, Russians, British and Turks passed through here, as the island was a strategic point.
Sailing around Corfu is like a dream.Cahrter a yacht and Live your Myth.

Con and Lin [ Free spirit ] 26-Aug-2011
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 26-Aug-2006


Erikoussa (Anchorage)

Holding poor in the harbour,several boats gave up after several attempts .Depths in harbour near the outer wall fairly consistent around 3m according to a German boat we met.Bottom very weedy and smooth rocks .Anchored in sand just outside harbour clear of ferry dock.Very rolly but well worth it.The island is very unspoilt.Good restaurant just back from the beach.Port of entry for Greece
Andy and Jude [ Betty Blue ] 13-Jun-2008
Rolly anchorage. Left at first light for Othenoi
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Jun-2007

Kyriakos Bay (Anchorage)

A pleasant resort beach
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 05-Sep-2006

Valtos Cove (Anchorage)

Tranquil anchorage with complete protection.

My brother, David and I dinghied ashore to the rickety dock, walked over the hill and down the long sandy beach to a restaurant.

This part of the Greek mainland is a jewel. Hardly any tourists. This is where the locals go for vacation, and it is truely a beautiful part of the world.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 04-Sep-2006

Moutos (Anchorage)

This is a lovely area with interesting anchorages between the islands.

A nice waterfront with good restaurants.

We anchored between the islands and dinghied ashore for lunch. We would have liked to stay longer, but instead we pushed on to Kyriakos bay for the night.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 05-Sep-2006

Othenou (Anchorage)

A quaint little town situated way out in the channel between Corfu and the Italian coast.

Since I was sailing alone, I stopped here to shorten the trip from Corfu to Otranto. I was hoping to officially clear out of Greece and return my transit log, but found that this was not possible.

I laid a bow and a stern anchor to keep my bows into the swell and had great difficulty when the stern anchor chain got wrapped around some underwater rocks.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Jun-2007

Anti-Paxos (Anchorage)

Beautiful bays to anchor, but watch out for the day tripper boats that pay little regard for other boats when anchoring. Luckily most of them only stop for a short swim.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 20-Aug-2006