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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 05-Aug-2007

Lopar (Anchorage)

I anchored right next to the shoal near the concrete bollard in the middle of the harbour.

Not long after arrival, a strong swell started to run into the bay, so I left and moved to Supertarska Draga.

Don't go much beyond the bollard. You can see the very shallow shoal clearly in the satellite map.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Aug-2007

Sahara beach (Beach)

This is meant to be a beautiful naturist (FKK) beach about 20 minutes walk from Lopar.

It has no facilities, though a small boat delivers refreshments. Nude beach.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Aug-2007

Supertarska Draga (Anchorage)

A beautiful, protected anchorage behind Sailovac island at the entrance to Supertarska Draga bay.

I spent a few days here sheltering from a strong northerly.

A popular daytime anchorage with quite a lot of nudity on the beaches and boats. Nude Beach.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Aug-2007

Kandarola Beach (Beach)

I anchored for lunch off the beach, outside the swimming bouys. One may not take a dinghy ashore.

The next day, with the boat anchored in the large bay to the east, I came ashore in the dinghy to a wooden dock in the small bay and walked through the woods to the beach entrance.

There is a small charge of about 10Kn for the day. A beautiful beach with a nice beach bar and a good restaurant. Nude beach(FKK).
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 05-Aug-2007

Dinghy Dock (Dockage)

Anchorage (Anchorage)

Rab Town

An attractive ancient city with many narrow alleys, shops and fine restaurants.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 05-Aug-2007

Rab Anchorage (Anchorage)

An excellent, well protected anchorage at the head of the bay.

Easy dinghy distance to Rab Town by water, or one can dock the dinghy nearby to the anchorage for a pleasant walk into town.

I took the dinghy directly to Rab and tied up near the great supermarket in the NW corner of the port.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 05-Aug-2007

Supermarket (Supermarket)

A nice, upscale supermarket close to the water and easy to load groceries onto the dinghy.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 14-Nov-2008

Uvala Mag (Anchorage)