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Tiziana cruised to the region of Khalkidhiki and explored the two pinnacles called Kassandra and Sinthonia. We started our journey in the fishing port of Nea moudhania where the fisherman were very friendly. The town is one of the largest in the area. Leaving Nea Moudhania, we followed the coast, enjoying the sights of the red cliffs until we came to a long sandy beach just before the small port holiday town of Sani. The beach is a beautiful sandy beach, very well kept and lovely pottery jars for the rubbish.

We continued on our journey until the south west point of Kassandra (Posidhion). The beautiful white beach stretches both sides of the pinnacle. A small church is set among the pine trees at the end of the beach. Beautiful stop in settled weather. Can anchor either North or south depending on the wind.

The east coast of Kassandra pinnacle is covered in beaches but unfortunately quite a few holiday resorts to accompany them. Our next overnight stop was in Nea marmaras on the Sinthonis pinnacle. A pretty town with a nice feel to it, even if it does have quiet a bit of tourist. We stopped on the small island west of this marina for an afternoon.  A stunning anchorage in settled weather but it was covered in rubbish, so the Tiziana team went to work and removed all the rubbish from the shores of this anchorage.

Sailing north toward to top of the third pinnacle, Akti, we spent the night on the island of Ammouliani. This pinnacle houses 17 monasteries and for over 10 centuries has existed as a world unto itself. Unfortunately being female, we can not visit this area and having females on board, you have to stay 500m off shore. No anchoring is permitted on the shores of Akti pinnacle. The town of Ouranopolis can be visit and is worth a quick stop.

Heading back to the middle pinnacle, we stopped at Nea Dhiaporos which has numerous small quiet anchorages and is very well protected.

Kathy and Dean [ Tiziana ] 26-Jul-2010