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Lošinj is the 11th largest Adriatic island by area. It is 33 km long. The total coastline of the island is 112.7 km [1].

With around 2600 hours of sunshine a year, the island has become a popular destination for Slovenian, German and Italian tourists in the summer months. Average air humidity is 70%, and the average summer temperature is 24C.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 10-Jul-2007

Uvala Artaturi (Anchorage)

Great anchorage with protection from Northerlies.

There is a good mini market up the hill, and Konoba Oaza makes terrific pizza.

I alternated between here and Uvala Englez to the south over a few days as the wind direction changed from north to south and back again.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 10-Jul-2007

Konoba Oaza (Restaurant)

Konoba Oaza makes great pizza.

The night I was there they had live guitarists playing Croatian folk music with song books handed out to the guests.

You can either dinghy to the landing south of the restaurant, or from the town, walk through the boat storage yard behind the beach.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 10-Jul-2007

Dinghy dock (Dockage)

Mini Market (Supermarket)

On the right, up this road.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Mar-2008

Dinghy dock (Dockage)

I docked the dinghy here and walked up the hill to the minimarket
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Mar-2008

Uvala Englez (Anchorage)

A popular daytime swimming anchorage with many nude bathers.

I moved north to Artaturi for the night, but hightailed it back the next morning when a strong southerly blew up. I spent a comfortable night here.

Between here and Artaturi one can get protection from any direction.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 09-Jul-2007

Uvala Krivica (Anchorage)

A cozy and popular anchorage. I first anchored in the head of the bay with lines to the north shore. The next day, the wind picked up from the south-west, so I swung around to the south shore, leaving my anchor still set in the middle of the bay.

Many nude sunbathers and swimmers, but only in the afternoons.

One evening I took a long walk through the woods on a well marked path for a fine meal at the Konoba Balvanida. Take a flashlight for the walk home in the dark.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Jul-2007

Konoba Balvanida (Restaurant)

A very pleasant seafood restaurant in the middle of nowhere, on a well marked path from Krivica, but take a torch (flashlight) if you plan to come home in the dark.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 30-Jun-2007

Uvala Balvanida (Anchorage)

The next cove, Balvamida, was to our surprise empty and we could choose to drop our anchor in the most favourable spot, if wind should decide to cheat the forecast. On top, innermost a little restaurant. The anchor well set in sand and we went down to prepare lunch. The wind had turned around whilst the dark clouds gained potency to come down on us. Before taking a siesta nap, we noticed the anchor dragging!!! We are always attentive to anchoring, but here was definitely something wrong. In all the years we have cruised, never ever have we experienced that the chain has wrapped itself around the anchor, coming up in a bundle. It took some time to sort the mess out and get the anchor set again. Probably the sand has been harder than normal and that the upper fluke of the CQR anchor has been standing up, trapping the chain when the wind turned.

Then came the rain. And what a rain. Being the only people there, we took off all our cloths and started to wash down the deck and superstructure. More rain during the evening made us cancel going ashore to be the only guests of the restaurant.

Reprinted from home.online.no/~pernoll/, with permission of Signe and Gaute on s/y Pernoll
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Jul-2008

Kanoba Balvanida (Restaurant)

Veli Losinj (Town Dock)

Mali Losinj (Town Dock)

Since it is too deep to anchor anywhere in Mali Losinj bay, we went in to the town dock at about mid day when the charter boats were out, which allowed a visit to the supermarket and a quick view of the town.

This strategy of docking for an hour for free, works quite well, and we did this several other places too. Of course, one needs to stay close to the boat and pacify authorities.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Dec-2010