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A splendid medieval town with many fortresses, restaurants and tourist action.

A short taxi ride to Split airport and so a convenient pickup/drop off port for visitors.

Only 10 miles (45 minutes) from Split town by bus if you catch the express bus. The local bus takes 2-1/2 hours each way.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Jun-2007

Trogir Roadstead (Anchorage)

Some pilot books show this as a prohibited anchorage, but it is now allowed.

There is a fee for anchoring. The Port Authority gentlemen, Ivan and Ricardo will come out at the end of the day in an official looking inflatable to collect about 100Kn for 10 meters. They will give you an official receipt. They are also a good source of information and can arrange just about anything you may need. (091 555 9989-Ivan, 098 851 143-Ricardo)

Good holding and a secure place to leave the boat to go ashore by dinghy.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Jun-2007

Dinghy Dockage (Dockage)

I docked the dinghy right next to the round castle on the inner waterway and locked onto a ring.

For the supermarket, I continued down this waterway and docked next to the bridge leading to the produce market and supermarket.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Jun-2007

Supermarket (Supermarket)

Market (Market)

Supermarket (Supermarket)

Roman Ruin Anchorage (Anchorage)

A secure, free alternative to Trogir. There are some interesting roman ruins in the anchorage.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Jun-2007

Bus to Split (Bus)

Thje direct bus to Split leaves from Peron 9 which is in the same bus terminus, but on the north side near the road, oposite the regular bus stops. The bus schedule for this bus is confusing to say the least, but it did eventually show up. This express bus comes from Sibenik via Primosten and Trogir to Split.  It takes 45 minutes from Trogir  to Split and costs 12Kn each way. The bus stops at the bus terminus in Split near the ferry terminals, just a short walk from all the sights.

WARNING: The yellow #37 bus also goes to Split, but stops at every stop and takes at least 2-1/2 hours each way.

Returning from Split, you want to catch the bus at Peron 1 in Split. This was a different bus line again, but was also an express. This cost 18Kn each.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 29-Nov-2009

Trogir Marina (Marina)

We came ashore here by dinghy to do laundry, get butane and use the  internet cafe.

There is also a small but well stocked chandlery near the marina office.

When the water dispensing tokens would not work at the fuel dock we actually docked the big boat here for 1 hour while we took on water. The marina said they have to charge us something, and a washdown charge of €7 was the least they could charge. We were just happy to be able to fill our tanks before heading out with guests.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 29-Nov-2009

Marina Laundry (Laundry)

Do it yourself laundry in the Marina with tokens, but quite expensive.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 29-Nov-2009

Fuel Dock (Fuel)

Taking on fuel was fine, but the water dispensing machine, using tokens, would not work.

The only way for us to get water was to come into a marina dock for 1 hour. They charged us €7 as a boat washdown fee, so that we could fill our water tanks.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 29-Nov-2009

Internet Cafe (Internet)

Internet at the bar near the marina office

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 29-Nov-2009

Camping Gas (Gas)

Camping Gas bottles exchanged at Di Toni, near the marina entrance
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 29-Nov-2009