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A catamaran ferry uses the north part of this dock at times, and you will be asked to move by the port control gentleman if the ferry is due.

You can tie up here for a while to clear with the authorities if the ferry is not due.

If you tuck into the south east corner near the fuel dock it is possible to stay overnight, with the blessing of port control.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Sep-2007

Ubli Supermarket (Supermarket)

The supermarket is located in the "center of town" which is about 100m to the east of the fuel dock. It was closed the day I was there.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Sep-2007

Pizzeria (Restaurant)

The only restaurant in the Ubli area is about 100m from the dock on the road leading to the north east.

I had an excellent pizza and a local bottle of Lastovian wine here with a beautiful sunset.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Sep-2007

Ubli Fuel dock (Fuel)

After fueling, I walked the boat over to the east wall, and with permission of the port operations man I was able to spend the night there,waiting to clear out of immigration in the morning.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Sep-2007