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I anchored overnight in the north bay with a stern anchor in 10 meters and bow anchor in 2 meters as there was nothing to tie to on the beach.

The restaurant was just starting up, but in the morning they produced wonderful bread baked in a wood oven. This cost 3 YTL per loaf and the hot bread is addictive.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 27-Apr-2007

Tombs (Hike)

Right above the anchorage there are some fine Byzantine tombs.

It was a short hike and a bit of a scramble up to the tombs, but well worth the view.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 27-Apr-2007

Tomb bay dock (Dockage)

Soleil Sans Fin docked on the restaurant piers that had lazy lines to moorings.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 27-Apr-2007

Restaurant (Restaurant)

Tomb Bay (Mooring)

Tomb Bay is very nice with a lovely restraurant and has good mooring on some wooden jetty. You can take a hike up the mountain to see some Lycian ruins and old tombs from 400 years BC. Position 36 41.7 N 28 51.8 E
Ash & Goy [ Nautical Dreams ] 12-Sep-2010