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Wall Bay gets it's name from the conspicuous ancient, defensive wall at the head of the bay built to protect the ancient city of Lydea in the center of the isthmus to the south.

I docked alongside a long floating dock at the Wall Bay Restaurant free of charge.

The restaurants don't seem to mind if you patronize their services or not, in return for the free dockage, but we generally, at least had a few beers, if not a meal or two.

For lunch we had an omelet with salad and chips which was very good and reasonably priced at 12 YTL.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Apr-2007

Wall Bay to Aga Limani (Hike)

We had a lovely hike from the restaurant, around the bay to Cleopatra's baths, then up the hill and over the saddle and down to a beautiful pebble beach with a deep ravine running up the mountain.

The trail is marked by red paint dots on the rocks.

There were many goats on the beach side.

Continuing on up the mountain road would take you to the ancient city of Lydea, about 3 miles further.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Apr-2007

Cleopatra's Baths (Historic)

In the south corner of the bay there are sunken ruins of an old Hammam supposedly linked to Cleopatra.

Note: The floating dock shown in the satellite picture at the baths has been relocated to the Wall Bay Restaurant as this area has been designated a heritage site. The restaurant that was located here has been merged with Wall Bay.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 26-Apr-2007

The wall (Historic)

Why would anyone build this massive wall in the middle of nowhere? I zoomed out to see what the wall would have protected and found the ancient city of Lydae on the peninsula.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Dec-2007

Ancient Lydea (Historic)

Ancient Lydae

We were unaware of Lydae during our visit to wall bay.

While entering Wall bay on the website, I started to wonder what the wall was built to protect, so I zoomed out a bit and could see traces of an ancient settlement on the peninsula to the south. A bit more research on the web revealed that it was ancient Lydea. Not to be confused with Lydia which was a region on the west coast of Turkey.

According to the web, Lydea features sarcophagi, temple walls, cisterns, Corinthian columns and inscribed tablets from the Roman and Byzantine periods.

It might be worth a hike up here on the next visit.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Dec-2007

The Wall (Point of Interest)

Wall Bay Restaurant (Restaurant)