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This beautiful bay was our first stop coming from Marmaris. I docked bow-to on the rickety wharf with a lazy line mooring supplied free of charge by the restaurant.

A very laid back atmosphere at the restaurant where we stopped for a few beers. When we came to pay the bill,  two large beers was 5 YTL and  three large beers was also 5 YTL. When we questioned the waiter he shrugged his shoulders and said that was the price. I wonder if 4 beers would also have been 5 YTL.

We had a bit of a blow from the north on our third night there, and Soleil Sans Fin started dragging the mooring block, as they were the outermost boat. The moorings held OK after they left and the wind died a few hours later for another peaceful evening.

At the restaurant, some of us had delicious oven roasted lamb, but the others in our group were very disappointed with the calamari and the steep price of 25 YTL was not really justified by the service. But it was very early in the season and they were probably not fully up to speed.

There are some interesting old Roman buildings on the western shore.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Apr-2007

Kapi Creek to 22 Fathom Bay (Hike)

We took a casual hike up above the creek where a  farmer's wife makes small, custom, hand knotted carpets for boats.

My friends were disappointed that the rug they ordered last season was not yet ready but might be ready when they return in June.

The farmer is also the Imam and was in the process of building a mosque on the farm.

The walk continued down to 22 fathom cove but the restaurant had not been set up for the season there.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Apr-2007

Diving bird motif (Point of Interest)

Kapi Creek Restaurant (Restaurant)

Kapi Creek Turkey

Kapi Creek is the best place to visit in this area. Ismail the owner will make you very welcome.
Great food here and you can have a haircut after you have eaten. The staff will help you with mooring when you arrive in this beautiful bay. Get in early as it can get get full in the high season but they will always find you a place to tie up.
Good depth all over so no problems.
email: sail@adventuresailing.co.uk 
Ash & Goy [ Nautical Dreams ] 01-Sep-2010