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yamano [ STEELBIRD Sailing ] 31-Dec-2009
This is a beautiful cruising ground with numerous bays and anchorages.

Skopea Limani has so many beautiful bays. To to fully appreciate each area, it is neccesary to anchor or dock for a day or two in each bay and explore the facinating hills and coves and tombs that surround the anchorages.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Apr-2007

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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Apr-2007

Wall Bay (Dockage)

Wall Bay gets it's name from the conspicuous ancient, defensive wall at the head of the bay built to protect the ancient city of Lydea in the center of the isthmus to the south.

I docked alongside a long floating dock at the Wall Bay Restaurant free of charge.

The restaurants don't seem to mind if you patronize their services or not, in return for the free dockage, but we generally, at least had a few beers, if not a meal or two.

For lunch we had an omelet with salad and chips which was very good and reasonably priced at 12 YTL.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Apr-2007

Kapi Creek (Dockage)

This beautiful bay was our first stop coming from Marmaris. I docked bow-to on the rickety wharf with a lazy line mooring supplied free of charge by the restaurant.

A very laid back atmosphere at the restaurant where we stopped for a few beers. When we came to pay the bill,  two large beers was 5 YTL and  three large beers was also 5 YTL. When we questioned the waiter he shrugged his shoulders and said that was the price. I wonder if 4 beers would also have been 5 YTL.

We had a bit of a blow from the north on our third night there, and Soleil Sans Fin started dragging the mooring block, as they were the outermost boat. The moorings held OK after they left and the wind died a few hours later for another peaceful evening.

At the restaurant, some of us had delicious oven roasted lamb, but the others in our group were very disappointed with the calamari and the steep price of 25 YTL was not really justified by the service. But it was very early in the season and they were probably not fully up to speed.

There are some interesting old Roman buildings on the western shore.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Apr-2007

Tomb Bay (Anchorage)

I anchored overnight in the north bay with a stern anchor in 10 meters and bow anchor in 2 meters as there was nothing to tie to on the beach.

The restaurant was just starting up, but in the morning they produced wonderful bread baked in a wood oven. This cost 3 YTL per loaf and the hot bread is addictive.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 27-Apr-2007

Gocek (Anchorage)

Gocek is one of the most beautiful towns in Turkey and is situated at the edge of the Taurus mountains at the lyrical coast of the Mediterranean

yavuz [ vira yachting ] 13-Jul-2009
Good holding, typically with an onshore southerly land breeze.

Dinghy over to the dock next to the swimming pool but be careful of the depth, especially at low tide.

Nice touristy town with many restaurants. There are Tansas and Migros supermarkets and chandlers just a short walk from the dinghy dock.

The marina has added a few more pontoons since the satellite photo.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Apr-2007

Tersane (Anchorage)

I anchored on the western shore of this ancient dockyard that has many old ruined buildings lining the shore.

Since I was single handed, I dropped my stern anchor in deep water, aiming for bollard to which I planned to tie, and then dropped a few meters of bow anchor in the shallow water near the shore. I was then able to take my time rowing a bow line ashore.

The bow anchor also helped to keep the boat in place when it was time to drop the line the next morning.

It was too early in the season for the restaurant to be open.

I would have liked to spend some time exploring ashore. It looked interesting.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 26-Apr-2007

Boynuz Buku (Dockage)

Buka Bay is just a few miles SW from Gocek. The Restaurant is called 'Yacht Mola'
The bay is well sheltered from all winds and serves good food. Fresh spring water for free is on the T-Jetty. Good depth all over with 3.6 m at the jetty. The staff will wave you in and help you with mooring. You can moor stern too on the jetty or drop anchor in the bay. It is one of the best bays in the Fethiye Bay region to chill out in. When in this area find a shop that sells The Bay Express Magazine which gives details on over 124 places to visit on the Turkish coast. email: sail@adventuresailing.co.uk
Ash & Goy [ Nautical Dreams ] 16-Sep-2010

Fishermans Bay (Mooring)

Fishermans Bay is just outside Fethiye and is a gem of a place to stop. 36 36.8 N 29 03.2 E Around 20 yachts can tie up on the wooden jetty all with good depth. This bay can only be reached by sea. They grow all their own vegtables and catch fresh fish daily. There is a small beach with sun chairs and a great restaurant for dining together with a lovely Bar to have a cool beer. Good showers and facilities with free fresh water available. Highley recommended and this bay is not on the main tourist map, very peaceful. email: sail@adventuresailing.co.uk
Ash & Goy [ Nautical Dreams ] 14-Sep-2010

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