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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Apr-2007
Marine Surveys & Consultancy International
Full range of Surveys including Ulrasonic available.
Alina [ Sri Mutiara ] 19-Apr-2007

Oresmarin Yat Teknik (Ahmet the painter) (Services)

Ahmet Yahsi is a professional boat painter specializing in epoxy, Awlgrip and osmosis treatments.

Ahmet had one of his professionals fill the deep scratches in my off-white Awlgrip. It was almost impossible to see where the defects were after they had filled and then sprayed Awlgrip and polished it out to blend in with my three year old paint.

They were also peeling a fibreglass hull next to me for osmosis treatment in which they specialize.

Ahmet is a quiet, friendly, low pressure guy who is always willing to supply free advice and extemely good quality service.

Ahmet can be reached on GSM at 0 532 570 64 87 or on email at oresmarin@hotmail.com or ahmetyahsi@hotmail.com

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Mar-2007

Esen Marine Teknik (tanks) (Services)

Esen Marine specializes in manufacturing custom polyethylene water and holding tanks.

Two of my three water tanks, that were fabricated in Florida 4 years previously, had ruptured along the top seams for no apparent reason. They had been filled by the water maker at trickle speed for months before the failure and had not been subjected to any stress or wear.

I was pleased to find the Esen Marine offices right in Netsel Marina shopping mall. I removed the tanks and they collected them and returned them the next morning with the seams re-welded.

They charged 20 for the repair.

They can be reached at +90 252 412 87 67 of at info@esenmarine.com.

See www.esenmarine.com for further info.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Mar-2007

Marlin Yachting Ltd. (Services)

For reliable engine and other engineering type work use Marlin.

Owner, Erden Eke has proven to provide quality engineering and can be relied on to stand by his word.

I contracted Marlin Yachting to change my cutlass bearing. When we realized that it was not going to come out willingly, we ended up removing the shaft and the bracket that holds the cutlass.

We found that the shaft and the key way on the coupling to the gearbox was badly worn, Erden gave me a price to replace, coupling, shaft and cutlass.

When all was replaced, I was concerned about the slack in the new cutlass bearing which was a brand name product that was marginally out of spec. Erden did not hesitate to swap out the cutlass bearing again (big job) at no additional cost and the second bearing of the same brand was perfect.

One can get many inexpensive deals in Turkey, but if you want quality, call MarlinYachting Ltd.: Erden Eke +90 252 412 1441 or GSM:0 532 332 5866 Address;Sariana Mah. 27 SK Kadir Yuzak Apt No 1 Marmaris, or opposite the sports center near Netsel Marina close to Anfora.

Marlin charges €30/hour which includes two competent engineers.

Many others in both Yacht Marine and Netsel have used Marlin with only praise for their workmanship and reliability.

Please add your own experiences to this site.

They are the local Yanmar agents as well as being agents for Kohler, Sidepower, Harken, Veco, Hamilton, Opacmare, SeaRecovery, Centek, Glendinning, R&D, Algae-x, Z-Spars, Velvet Drive, Michigan Wheel, Radice, Max-Prop, Dintra, Jefa Marine, Trac, Trident Marine, HyDrive, Walder, BSI, Scubar, Shearwater and they also sell charts and nautical books.

They routinely rebuild Perkins 4108s. They replace just about everything one can on the Perkins and provide a warranty. If my Perkins 4108 fails, I would certainly consider an inexpensive rebuilt replacement from Marlin, rather than re-powering with a new Yanmar and the necessary engine bed, alternator and exhaust modifications.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Mar-2007


Anfora Yacht Equipment (Chandlery)

Anfora will send your chain or anchor for re- galvanizing in Istanbul at reasonable rates.

Each winter the cruising yachties at yacht Marine and Netsel send in a bulk load of chain and anchors for an additional discount. Anfora will collect and deliver.

They also have the best prices on new (Turkish) Atli galvanized chain. I paid 420 YTL for 60m of 8mm chain or 7 YTL/m.


Phone 252-413-00-96

Cell 0532-712-07-51

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Mar-2007

Campingaz Refilled (Gas)

Anfora will send your bottle to be refilled. It took a few days.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Feb-2008

Sanayi (Services)

The Sanayi is the industrial area of Marmaris. You can have about anything sourced or manufactured in this area.

It is a fascinating area to walk around. and the contractors you will find can repair or re manufacture just about anything that you bring them, or they will make an exact copy at very reasonable rates.

As yet, there is no guide to the Sanayi on the internet, and it would be a great service to other yachties if you would add contractors and services that you have personally used and try and identify their location on the map.

It is easy to do. Just log in, put in the title and drag the map to center on the location.

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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Nov-2007

Kadioglu Stainless Steel Manufacturing (Services)

Will make you anything you want and not
limited to just stainless steel. Will come to
your boat.
SANAYI Sitesi 284 Sok # 16/A
Phone 252-413-00-97
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Nov-2007

Megamar Wood Suppliers (Services)

Megamar Orman Urunleri
Located in the Sanayi
Office is located opposite Bosun's Locker at
Tepe Mah. 33 Sok Munevver Apt. # B6
Phone 252-413-85-13
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Nov-2007

Marine Surveys (Services)

Marine Surveys & Consultancy International
Full range of Surveys including Ulrasonic available.

Alina [ Sri Mutiara ] 28-Dec-2008
Richard Naylor is the Cruising Station for the SSCA , a Commodore for over 25 years, and Port Officer for the Ocean Crusing Club.
Has been in Marmaris for over 15 years. 

Sailed from Vancouver in 1976 and has been carrying out surveys for 26 years. 
Richard can be reached at +90 537 720 3788,  +44 20 7681 1505 or msci@marinesurveys.net
Alina [ Sri Mutiara ] 28-Dec-2008