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In 1982, Jayne and I delivered Romadi, a 28 foot 1949 Harrison Butler from Antigua to Eigg, for the owner who ran the tea room and guest house on the island.

We sailed via Bermuda, The Azores, Colonsay, and Oban before rounding Ardnamurchan and heading up to Eigg, arriving in August 1982.

We were doing the delivery on a shoe-string budget just for the experience and by the time we arrived in Scotland, our petty cash was quite depleted, and very few places took American Express. So to make ends meet, we ended up eating our emergency rations, which consisted mostly of cans of baked beans in the ring pull type cans. So in the last week or two we had baked beans just about every way you could think of preparing them.

When we finally arrived at our destination, after 51 sailing days across the ocean (not counting stops along the way) we met the owners and told them our stories, and they invited us into their tearoom for a monster brunch. We could not believe our eyes, when breakfast arrived, because, the monster brunch consisted of a couple of fried eggs and a few rashers of bacon perched on top of a mountain of, you guessed it, baked beans.

Howard and Jayne [ Romadi ] 12-Aug-1982

Eigg Anchorage (Anchorage)

The Anchorage

Romadi's old Stuart Turner engine only worked on a few occasions during the trip, and we mostly relied on sail power.

We had planned to overnight in Tobermory, but the wind was blowing straight out of the harbour, and there was no way to enter without an engine, so we decided to press on around the cape of Ardnamurchen to Eigg.

We arrived at Eigg, as it was getting dark. It was quite exciting running up the narrow channel under sail, with Jayne on the bow with a flashlight, guiding me through the breaking shores on either side.

Of course this was before GPS, and the only navigation we had was plastic sextant, RDF and hand traced charts that we had copied from a fisherman in Colonsay.
Howard and Jayne [ Romadi ] 06-Aug-1982