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Contrary to previous reports, the harbour wall has been completed to the NW, extending beyond the eastern mole and giving good protection in most conditions. The satellite picture does not show the full extent of the new wall.

Go alongside the eastern breakwater.

Abundant water on the dock free of charge. There are faucetts at several locations along the wall.

A great place to rest up and wash down the boat.

The hotel on shore allows patrons of the bar to use the swimmimg pool. Great tavernas along the shore.

I walked miles up the hill with my hand cart to get some diesel from the gas station in town.

Nice beaches a short dinghy ride from the port.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 01-Aug-2010

Gas station (Fuel)

There were three, very small gas stations in town. The first two did not seem to have fuel and told me to come back the next day. I persevered and went around the corner and found a Shell station that sold me a jerry jug of fuel.

It was quite a walk uphill to the town with my hand cart to get the fuel.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Sep-2010

Kiparissia Beach (Beach)

We took the dinghy across to this beach to discover that it was a predominantly nude beach. The only nude beach that we saw in the whole peninsula.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Sep-2010

Hotel Pool (Pool)