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In Navarino Bay.

yacht marina here with lazy lines tavernas

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Aug-2010

After a quick look at the marina, we docked at the town dock. We were told by a dockman that we could only dock if we took on fuel, which we were ready to do anyway. There are several fuel trucks on the dock vying for business from the few boats that come in here.

Being alongside was great, and we did not have to worry about anchors dragging, but we did dock quite near to the sewer outflow in the corner of the dock. The dockman assured us that it was treated sewage, but I would warn the fastidious to dock near the outer edge of the dock or give this a miss.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Aug-2010

Castle (Point of Interest)

Museum (Museum)

An interesting museum containing many pictures of the battle of Navarino and some very interesting old maps.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Oct-2010

Pilos Marina (Marina)

There was not a lot of spare space when we came in here, and it seemed a bit far from town, so we went to dock on the town quay instead. The town quay required one to take on fuel in order to stay there overnight.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Oct-2010

Friendly marine store (Chandlery)

This store stocks a few boat things amongst the beach equipment. Very friendly owner.

This is on the road to the castle.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Apr-2011