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We anchored outside the harbor for a couple of days in the company of a few other cruisers. Great holding once in, in hard sand. Safe place to leave the boat to go to Olympia.

Cars, and horses and buggies drive along the beach here.

Nice town with waterfront bars and restaurants.

Great kick off spot for a trip to Olympia, where the Olympic games began in 776 BC.

We missed the 0922  train to Olympia, so we took a 1015 bus outbound, and came back by train. It was fun to ride on the bus observing the locals going about their business, as the bus stopped along the way, but next time we would take the train both ways, as it is so easy.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 30-Jul-2010
Looks like a new marina in the satellite photo.

bow or stern to or alongside. good shelter. plenty of tavernas.tour Olympia from here.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 01-Apr-2007

Unfinished Marina (Town Dock)

The floating docks are gone now, and boats just anchor stern to on the wall. Very friendly and helpful dockmaster in the hut in the NW corner of the dock who gave us train schedules and said he would give us a good deal on dockage if we came into the marina, but we prefered to stay at anchor.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Jul-2010

Train to Olympia (Transport)

This cute little, two carriage train takes you all the way from the quayside to Olympia for €1.60 each way or, we believe, €2.50 return.

Looking at the schedule below, there are only two outbound trains at 0922 and 1240, and two viable returns from Olympia at 1345 and 1541. One really needs to catch the 0922 to make the day worthwhile.

Katakolo Pyrgos Olympia
0922 0942 1007
1240 1300 1325

Olympia Pyrgos Katakola
0720 0751 0811
  0855 0915
1125 1150 1210
1345 1416 1436
1541 1607 1630
  1705 1725
  1900 1920

Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 30-Jul-2010

Bus to Olympia (Bus)

The bus leaves at 10:15 from in front of the jewelry store on the main street. You will see it coming the other way and it will turn at the end of town and come back to pick you up. Tickets are available at the supermarket opposite the jewelry store  for €1.50 to Pyrgos. Tell the bus driver that you want to get off at the bus terminus, as the bus continues on. Buy another ticket from Pyrgos to Olympia for €1.90 one way.

This is quite a long trip, and the train is much easier, but it was fun to see the locaql people going about their business as the bus stopped along the way.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 19-Aug-2010

Ancient Olympia (Link)

Bus to Olympia