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Municipal building (WiFi)

I am not quite sure what the building was called, but you should be able to home in on it mid town. There were spots that we could pick up this free signal on the outer wall if you held the laptop over your head and walked around. Later at the marina, we were advised that the signal was strongest on the C-dock gangway.

After struggling like this for days, we were told that the signal comes from the lobby of the municipal building in the town. We went into the front lobby, between the two glass doors, and got a whopping 5 bars of signal and were able to communicate freely. This was a bit before Skype, but email and weather downloads were great.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Jun-2005

Porto Pim (Excursion)

We wandered over here for breakfast.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 06-Jun-2005

Horta Anchorage (Anchorage)

Many boats anchor in deep water in the middle of the harbour.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Jun-2005

The traditional Town wall (Town Dock)

Before the Marina there was just the town wall where boats would raft 10 deep. It is still a good place to go when you arrive, to sleep off the long passage and get ready for the marina.

The town wall still has some classic name paintings of fine yachts from days gone bye and is worth a tour. Nowadays the marina walls and paving are painted as well.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Feb-2007

Annual Norwegian Model Yacht Race (Fun)

Every year, Norwegian boats are issued with an equal amount of twigs, black garbage bags some duct tape and( I think, some string) by their fellow countrymen and they are expected to use their Viking imaginations to create model (.5m)sailboats capable of crossing the harbour from the Marina to the wall, through the wake of incoming boats. Some inovative designs come out of this effort including multihulls.

Some boats are destined to sink shortly after launching, but some are amazingly tenacious braving huge tender wakes and continuing on to their destination.

It is great fun to watch, even if you are not a Viking.

There are some bearded, horn hats running around in dinghies trying to give their boats an advantage. But only the tenacious few make it to the other wall.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 24-Feb-2007

Mid Atlantic Yacht Services (Services)

If my dear friend Clive Martin at Mid Atlantic yacht Services cannot sort out your problems he will certainly be able to point you in the right direction.

See Mid Atlantic Yacht Services for further information.

Clive rebuilt our raw water pump while we were in Horta and gave us much other good advice.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Jun-2005

Traditional name paintings (Point of Interest)

It is considered bad luck to leave Horta without first painting the name of your boat on the wall and better luck to paint a fancy mural.

On the old outer wall you can see faded names of the classic yachts of the last century.

At the marina, you will see more and more elaborate paintings as the modern day seafarers try to out-do each other with paint.

Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 24-Feb-2007

Horta Marina (Marina)

In the 80s there was only the breakwater wall for dockage. Now there is a fancy, if somewhat overcrowded marina where there is a lot of rafting up.

Don't remember pricing but it was not bad.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Feb-2007

Peter Cafe Sport (Bar)

Peter's Cafe Sport is an icon for transatlantic sailors.

For about 70 years, old Peter (Jose Azevedo) welcomed visiting sailors at the cafe bar, once owned by his father.

The bar is a home from home and a place to eat, drink, be merry, collect your mail, change your money, meet people, find crew,  lose crew, or find out anything you need to know about the island.

Sadly, old Peter passed away in 2006, but his son Jose Henrique Azevedo carries on the tradition.

There is an interesting scrimshaw museum above the bar, and a shop selling fine, "Peter" logo apparel.

Go to www.petercafesport.com for further information.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 27-Jan-2008

Horta Yacht Center (Chandlery)

Marés & Marinheiros, Lda are a company of nautical trade, yacht services  and sailmakers, complemented with trade boats and accessories for them, essentially geared to the area of sailing, installed in the middle of the atlantico ocean in Horta, Azores
HORTA YACHT CENTER (shop) have for you:
- Sail repair / Sailmaker / canvaswork
- Ropes & nautical hardware
- Sail Clothing & rescue equipment
- Gaz Service
- Hull maintenance & antifouling
- Electrical  & electronic accessories and services
- General repair services
- Yacht care
You can find a “crew” available to help You!!!
Contact us:
Phone: 0351  926  890  202
Email: maresemarinheiros@hotmail.com
 N: 38º 31.837
 W: 28º 37.653

sofia and luis [ generation A ] 24-Apr-2013