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We went bows to near the end of the jetty, after dropping a stern anchor in 53 feet of water. I realised that this was a huge mistake when I went to haul it in by hand the next day. We do not have a stern windlass.

The anchor chain all ran out, and the rope securing the bitter end played out before we reached the dock. I was able to pull some chain back in  to get a snubber on it.

We later found out that we could have gone alongside the ferry dock at the end of the jetty, as they have not had a ferry stopping here for years.

Lovely little port once you are docked. Nice tavernas. While we were eating dinner, the lights went out. All the lights in the entire region went out. The waiters brought out candles for us to complete our meal. Very quaint.

The water man came the next day and charged €4 for us to fill our tanks. The power boat next door used the water for a complete washdown. Not sure what he paid for that.

The satellite picture on the right, does not show the ferry dock constructed yet, though one can see the beginnings of it under the water.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 14-Aug-2010