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Anchored in 11m. Good holding and protected from the south. Pleasant pine covered surroundings.
Nice wall ashore on the island. Dingy to town for lunch.

We noticed that some good Samaritan had collected a pile of garbage on the beach, but that there was more garbage scattered about, so we took a huge garbage bag ashore and cleaned it all up, and took it, and the other collected garbage to a dumpster in the town.

A small charter boat flying a huge Che Guevara flag came screaming into the anchorage at 6 knots and dropped their stern anchor right next to us with a long line ashore, and then roared off to town in the dinghy. We had 30 meters out, so when the wind shifted in the early morning, our stern came very close to the other boat. The young occupents seemed totally unphased when they woke to find us 2 meters from their transom, but I think I was the only one to lose any sleep over it.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Aug-2010