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Ormos Zoyioryia (Anchorage)


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 08-Jan-2009

Ag Paraskevi (Anchorage)

 A rocky bottom, with thin sand coverage. We stayed here overnight, as it is the setting for John Fowles novel, The Magus, but I would not recommend it as a good anchorage due to the rocky bottom. Our chain slipped through one of the crevasses and under a huge megalithic rock, but it was easily retrieved after snorkeling to see how it was led.

Beautiful surroundings. The rocks to the west are reported to be the unofficial nude beach, but no nudity was observed on our visit.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 15-Aug-2010

Spetses Old Harbour (Anchorage)

 A crazy place, especially before the Royal Wedding. We motored in here a week before the wedding, and found freighters, rafted up to sailboats, rafted up to megayachts. We have been told that normally one can swing on anchor in the middle of the bay, but in this case almost everyone had long lines ashore, where ever they could fit.

We did not stay, but continued around the corner to anchor in Ag Marina.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Aug-2010

Ag Marina (Anchorage)

 We anchored just north of the rocky outcrop, as the skiboat asked us to move from the southern bay. A very pleasant spot for a lunch anchorage.

They were building a platform onshore for the reception of the royal wedding, that was to take place a week after we were there.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Aug-2010