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We stayed there for two nights in June 2007, after failing to get a space in Mandraki.  We will not go there again and advise others not to do so unless the marina is finished, with a proper breakwater to protect the entrance.  We went stern to against the western (inland) side.  That was itself risky, as there is a concrete ledge just underwater which presents real danger to your rudder if you go too far back.   A french yachtsman who preceeded us in had gone alongside without realising there was a ledge there until the last moment, and said to me that he thought I had a better idea.  The first night was OK, but on the second day we were in Rhodes town for dinner when there was a small shower of rain but no wind.  When we returned to the boat we found that a swell had come into the "marina" and our boat was being violently jerked about with the mast going 45 degrees from vertical both ways.  The Frenchman (bless him) had put extra mooring lines from our midships cleats to the rusty reinforcing rods which are the only things you can tie on to, and had re-anchored in the middle of the dock.  We spent all night running the engine to keep the rudder off the ledge, as it was too dangerous to try and untie and then jump aboard, and the anchor was not holding.  In the morning a Greek fisherman untied our ropes for us.
Norman & Jila [ Mary Lou ] 01-Jun-2007
Not to be confused with the Mandraki, this marina to the south of the ferry dock, was recently built, but never really completed.

Last I heard it was free to stay here, but it is quite long walk from town.

Beware of the foul bottom when dropping anchor, and it is wise to use a trip line. It is apparently common to see professional divers salvaging anchors for yachts anchored here.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Dec-1969