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Barb and Art of Badger wrote in their news letter:
"We are docked in the harbor at Almafi because the cost per night at Capri is 110 EU per night. Today we went to the duomo and visited St. Andrew's tomb. The architecture is fabulous as are the old frescos. The statue of St. Andrew was done in bronze by one of Michelangelo's students.

We later toured the paper museum - the people of almafi learned how to make paper from the arabs who learned from the chinese. They showed us how they used water power to make high grade paper from cloth and old rags.

We then took the bus to Revello - you get to see the almafi coast - it is like looking down on the ocean along a beautiful coast from a mountain top...like the rockies with the ocean below. We liked the special garden at Revelo...where they have concerts - esp those by Wagner.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 09-May-2010

Naples by Bus (Excursion)

Barb and Art of Badger wrote in their newsletter:
"For 3 EU we took the bus from Amalfi to Naples - it runs along the Amalfi coast - which is fabulous and rather a heart-in-the-throat ride. When we got there two women helped us find the Arch. museum with all the frescos from pompei. One was a tour guide! What luck. There were rooms and rooms for frescos from pompeii taken from the ruins after the descovery in the 1700s. We learned how they made their paints, about women who were painters, there was even two frescos showing the/a woman artist painting.

The subject matter mostly was about their myths...taken of course from the Greeks. But the Romans did not include many of the Greek myths that warned against humans over reaching their bounds. Their stories were about Troy and Aenenas - how after troy he sailed back home and founded Rome.

There were lots of glass objects and bronze cooking ware. AND there were two burnt papyrus books that were found as a lump of black in the 1700s. A conservator from the Vatican invented a machine to very slowly unwrap the wad of papryrus. After the unwinding the researchers found new books and stories that they did not know about.

We found Naples to be an interesting city with an ancient fort...a book alley called Port Albus...the architecture of two galleries was spectacular..."


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 09-May-2010