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Cosy cove with a beautiful, 300 year old mill and wine cellar restored into a guest house.

It is difficult to see the entrance until you are up close, but there are no significant hazards.

We anchored in 14 feet of water in the center of the bay and took a line ashore to the west where there are several suitable rocks to tie to. One could probably swing comfortably ant anchor if there were no other boats, but the weather was threatening and there were about 6 boats in the bay.

Holding was good.

The guesthouse is run by the Sauer family who also provide engine, gearbox and electronic services throughout Brac.

Apparently, one can make dinner reservations at the guest house off season, when they are not busy. You will need to arrange in advance.  We could not go ashore due to severe thunderstorms, but we were quite well protected.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 29-Nov-2009