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On arrival, there were many boats waiting to clear in, so we had no choice but to anchor near the head of the bay in deep water. 

I tried to row ashore to check in, but was told by an obnoxious dock man that the boat must go on the customs dock to clear in, and besides we had been there longer than one hour and he would have to charge me about Kn100 ($40) to anchor for the whole day. He said I should come and see him after I have cleared in and reanchored.

After moving the boat to the dock and clearing in, we came back to the anchorage, for a while, until the wind blew up and the deep water holding did not instill confidence. So we left, and went around the corner to Uvala Tiha. So we did not have to pay the dock man.

Uvala Tiha initially looked like a much better anchorage and we appeared to hold OK in about 7 meters, until we dragged around midnight.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 04-Oct-2009