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Upon arrival in Croatia you must go directly to the port authority without any delay. You can be fined for anchoring along the way. Since there were many boats waiting to check in we had no option but to anchor in the head of the bay and wait for space at the customs dock.

You must bring the boat to the customs dock at the northern end of the harbour wall. You can anchor bow or stern to or go alongside, depending on how many other boats are there.

It took a few hours for a space to clear on the customs dock, but we finally got in. The obnoxious dock man told me that the first hour of anchoring was free. Anything more than 1 hour one had to pay for a whole day (about Kn100 - $20).

The Port Authority office is between the 4th and 5th last palm tree, before the souvenir shop, as you walk south from the dock.

This is where you pay your money and are issued your "Vignette" cruising permit which is valid for 1 year. You can get Kunas from the Bankomat futher down the road. We paid about 1100Kn (~$220) for 10m.

You should then proceed to the police at the northern end of the dock beyond the customs dock to get passports stamped.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 04-Oct-2009

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