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There is a chart on the marina website under the pricing tab.

To calculate your price, multiply your length X beam to get square meters, then find the column corresponding to this size, and find the multiplication factor for the number of days you plan to stay.

Then multiply this factor x length x beam x number of days to get the price in euros.

So for a 10 meter boat with a 3.4 meter beam it is 10 x 3.4 = 34 sq meters. From the "30-35.99" column we get the pricing factor of 0.223 for 180 days.

So then,
0.223 x 10m x 3.4m x 180days = €1364.76. This inludes a half price haul and launch with 10 days hard standing

For only €472 more you get a full year contract which includes a free haul and launch and 10 days hard standing which is a very good deal if you plan to spend more than six months in the marina.

And the best part is that electricity and water are included as well, which could add up during the cold winter months with heating costs.

There is a little calculator on the pricing page that calculates the dockage fees for you. Go to www.netselmarina.com and click on pricing.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 08-Mar-2007