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Ft. Myers (Excursion)

Edison and Ford Winter Estate (Excursion)

These are the winter homes of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

Much of Edison's research was done here. He also collected many exotic plants many of which he used in his research.

The botanical gardens on the estate have many interesting specimens.

For more info visit www.efwefla.org
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 29-Jan-2008

Sanibel (Excursion)

Tween Waters Inn (Hotel)

Captiva pass (Anchorage)

Ding Darling (Anchorage)

South of # 16 and #18 in 6 ft of water.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 16-Feb-2009

Patricio Island (Anchorage)

Useppa Island (Anchorage)

ICW marker 60.

Good protection between Useppa and Cabbage.
Dolphin and ospreys.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 16-Feb-2009

Three Rooker Bar (Anchorage)


White sandy beach.
Best shelling along the west coast.
Bird sanctuary. Good sunsets.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Apr-2009

Anclote Key (Anchorage)


Anclote State Park


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Apr-2009

Longboat Key (Anchorage)

Lagoon setting.
Two very good restaurants overlooking the anchorage.
Two uninhabited islands on the opposite shores
Good holding.
Tie up at either restaurant for the night. 

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Apr-2009

Manatee River (Anchorage)

Peaceful anchorage.
Nice breeze and good fishing.
Dophins in the morning.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Apr-2009

Little Shark River (Anchorage)

Please note that this link is totally fiction, but a wonderful read, and should not put you off the Little Shark River, especially in the winter, when the mosquitoes are at bay.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Apr-2009

Everglades City (Anchorage)

Anchor NW of #7.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Apr-2009

Naples (Anchorage)

Anchor NW of red  #12


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Apr-2009

Ft Myers Beach (Anchorage)

Dinghy Dock (Dockage)

Tie the dinghy to a mangrove for access to supermarket and beach and library (internet).

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Apr-2006
hope your dinghy is there when you get back
ricky [ triple key ] 24-Apr-2006

Topps Supermarket (Supermarket)

Library (Internet)