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We were abducted by the famous Saverio in his Mercedes taxi and taken to his office where he insisted that we sample coffee, beer and cheese. We were talked into buying a case of generic beer from him for €15, which was not very cheap by our previous experience, but beer seemed to go up in price as we went east. We bought half a wheel of cheese that I think his sister makes, and it was very good.

Saverio is very friendly and quite a character and I don't think our visit to Reggio would have been complete had we missed this experience, even though it was a little arkward at times, not knowing what would happen next.

The next morning he delivered croisants to our boat, free of charge.

Saverio's card says: Taxi, Nautical shopping, Yacht services, Ship Chandler, water, gas bottles, laundry service, supermarket, technical assistance, rent car. His telephone numbers are 348 923 7214, 348 604 5472, 333248 1387, 340 767 6388.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 04-Jun-2006