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We anchored here for a few days in the NE of the bay in about 3 meters with good holding. The anchorage would empty out mid morning, and fill up again in the evening, perhaps as a preferable overnight anchorage to Hydra.

A very pleasant little town with good provisioning from several small supermarkets, and several good butchers. We dingied in to the central dock , several times for provisions and a good dinner in one of the tavernas.

Very convenient 2 hour hydrafoil to Piraeus 3 times a day, for picking up or discharging crew.

There is a Vodafone store where we replenished our 10 day internet card for €19.

The archaeological site on the point, looked interesting from a distance, but it was too hot for us to walk out there during the day.

We followed signs up the hill toward the museum, but it looked like it had been closed for a while.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Aug-2010
 Anchor near this ancient mole or go stern-to or bows-to behind the outer mole. Go to the south side of the headland for more peace and quiet and wonderful vistas across the Hydra Gulf.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Apr-2009

Mandraki (Town Dock)


 Go stern or bows to the dock in front of the cafe's. It is cooler here than the Ermioni side, and only a 3 minute walk up some steps and over the hill.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Apr-2009

Ermioni Town Dock (Town Dock)

A few boats went stern to here on either side of the hydrafoil dock, but most prefered to anchor off.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Aug-2010

Hydrofoil dock (Transport)

Ther hydrofoil only takes 2 hours from here to Piraeus and costs €29 each way and runs 3 times a day. It also stops at Porto Kheli, Hydra, and Poros. We are considering taking a lunch trip from here to Hydra on the Flying Dolphin  leaving at 1025 and returning at 1510 for €19 return per person.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Aug-2010