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Carrick Castle Boat Club's Visitor's Blue Mooring Buoy one cable north of the castle is suitable for up to 15 tonnes. The blue visitor's mooring buoy with a yellow pick-up buoy is marked with The Crown Estate's tag number 6669 in position 56 deg 06.688' N 004 deg 54.378' W. Those wishing to use the visitor's mooring are asked to pay a £10.00 mooring fee that goes towards the annual servicing of the mooring. WiFi Internet access is free at the mooring. Instructions on how to pay are shown on the visitor's mooring buoy and also on the Village Notice Board by the Royal Mail Post Box behind the castle. Visitors can also pay by using PayPal on the club's web site using the quick and easy to remember URL www.pay-mooring.co.uk that diverts to the club‘s web site and a link to pay for the mooring.

If you don‘t have a computer on board, you can pay online when you get home. All boats are photographed to check boat‘s name against payment. If you don‘t want to pay, please don't anchor!


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 14-Apr-2009