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Southbounders cruising notes on Nicaraqua

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 09-Apr-2009

No Name Anchorage (Anchorage)

 Drop hook in 22 - 26 ft water 0.25 miles off beach in SE corner. 
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 09-Apr-2009

Entrance buoys (Entrance)

San Juan Del Sur (Anchorage)

Dramatic entrance Big cliff on south side.  Anchor in 28 feet.

Fishing vessels on south side of anchorage. 

The Port Captain will come to the boat.

If you plan on staying long, you will have to take a taxi (around $15) to “frontiera” for Immigration. This allows you to see Lago Nicaragua with its two impressive volcanoes in the middle. 

$15 Port Captain arrival,
$9 pp Immigration in-and-out;
$15 for the boat at Immigration
$10 for the zarpe.
Charming beach town. Local water taxi to the port and easy walk to town. No supermarket, but a fresh market about two block in. 

Flor de Cana rum by the case for about $4.80 a bottle.
Ricardo’s Bar – burgers –real and tofu – etc and young beach scene
Breakfast at Sunrise Café (aka Iguana Bar) 

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 09-Apr-2009