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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 09-Apr-2009

La Digue

The third largest island in Seychelles
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Jan-2010

La Passe (Anchorage)

La Passe is home of the La Digue Harbour. This small harbour is restricted to about four catamarans with good holding.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Jan-2010

Anse Cocos (Anchorage)

Isolated , but safe overnight anchorage.
Sheltered from NW winds
Beaautiful sand beach with a mountainous backdrop.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Jan-2010


Second largest island in the Seychelles.
Choose from Baie Sainte Anne, Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette, Anse Volbert, or Anse Petite Cour.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Jan-2010

Anse Lazio (Anchorage)

Sheltered from SE.
Great sunsets
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Jan-2010

Anse Georgette (Anchorage)

Sheltered from SE winds.
Excellent sunsets.
Smaller and less protected than Lazio.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Jan-2010

Anse Volbert (Anchorage)

Good anchorage for most wind directions.
1.5 milesof wide, shaded sand beach with plenty of activities to perform on land and under water.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Jan-2010

Laraie Bay, Curieuese (Anchorage)

Excellent shelter from NW.
Was a leper colony that closed in 1965.
Now host to Aldabra giant tortoises, mangrove swamps, coco de mer palms, and the Seychelles Black Parrot.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Jan-2010

Baie Sainte Anne, Praslin (Anchorage)

Main harbour of Praslin. Provisioning, water, ice and gasoline, supermarkets, and plenty Creole restaurants.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Jan-2010



Seychelles Yacht Club (Club)

5th of June Avenue, PO Box 504,, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles
Tel:+248 32 23 62 / 77 01 54, Fax:+248 32 11 21

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 12-Apr-2009

Port Launay (Marina)

Marinas and places to moor.
Beautiful Launay Beach (Plage de Port Launay).
The beaches and granite crops will simply take your breath away, reminding you the almighty power of nature.

The sand is fine white powder.

Moorings here and just north of the airport, on the eastern side of Mahe.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Jan-2010

Saint Anne National park (Anchorage)

Safe anchorage in  national park. Good snorkeling .Wide variety of fish.

Best protection from SE Winds
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Jan-2010

Cousin Island (Anchorage)

Surrounded by beach with only a few houses on the outside of the trees.

Bird sanctuary. Not to be missed.

Couple places to moor your boat where a taxi boat can bring you to shore. You are only allowed to stay moored here during the day and staying over night is not possible.

The Royal Society for Nature Conservation owns the island and makes the rules.

The island is only 27 hectares and offers some of the rarest birds and animals (millipede for example) found in the world.

It will cost you about $25 dollars to visit for the day and stay from 10 am till the afternoon.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Jan-2010

Grande Soure (Anchorage)

Drop anchor on the west or east side.
Privately owned  island, but  open from 1000 -1500 on weekdays. You must stay on your boat after these hours.
Grande Anse beach on the east side can’t be missed and the water is stunningly clear.

There’s a reef that makes for some of the most incredible snorkeling around.

Bring all the supplies you’ll need for the day or two.

For the weekend, cheapest rooms costs €475.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Jan-2010