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Chios Town

Quite a walk to town so maybe rent a car.

Since there is no water in the marina, if you have a car, there is a free  water spring in town,  up the hill past the monastery. The locals use the spring for daily drinking water too.

The hardware store along the way sells cheap water containers.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Apr-2009

Chios Unfinished Marina (Town Dock)

Another unfinished marina where the Euro dollars "ran" out before completion.

No electric, water or other facilities. Free spring water  in town.  

Despite the finger piers, most cruising boats dock alongside the inner wall of the breakwater. 

Could get choppy in a strong southerly but not usually in summer.

You can park the rental car on the breakwater next to the boat.

Good supermarket a few hundred yards south of the "new" marina. 

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Apr-2009

Chios Town Town Dock (Town Dock)

 We tied to the dock at the south end of the main harbor, stern to, after dropping our hook. It's very convenient to downtown and was free, at least in mid-April. The new pleasure boat marina north of town was full of local fishing boats when we visited. There was also an empty fishing port between the new pleasure boat harbor and the main harbor, but no one was there. We didn't stop to find out why.
Wayne and Betty [ Bright Ayes ] 22-Apr-2011

Inousses Island

Inousses Islands

 We left Chios Town to escape the north winds and found this wonderfully protected  harbor in the Inousses Islands. The north side of this dock is relatively shallow, but the south side is about 10 feet deep. The island is full of beautiful walks with spectacular views. Not much in the way of provisioning, but a peaceful idyllic and protected spot. Definitely worth a stop!
Wayne and Betty [ Bright Ayes ] 02-Apr-2009

Unfinished Marina (Marina)