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Bastia Old Port

Wonderful place to stop if you can find a spot.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Apr-2009

Calvi (Anchorage)

not to be missed. 
full of restaurants and cafés
best value in the back streets, away from the sea views.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Apr-2009

Lavezzi Archipelago nature reserve

Paradise of pleasure, the Lavezzi islands remain partially anchored prohibited to preserve seagrasses Posidonia, damaged by sea anchors. 

What distinguishes this archipelago naturally preserved, it is a chaos of boulders emerging from the waters, and includes the island of Cavallo (covered with sumptuous villas properties big names of the media), and the islets of Piana, Ratino, and Porraggia Perduto.

The seabed is rich in corals or large sponges nacre.  The patella, a mollusk in the process of disappearance elsewhere, is still present in the coastal zone, dolphins and turtles are still swimming, grouper returned to the point of being one of the areas of France the most heavily populated by case.  Lavezzi A corner has been nicknamed "Mérouville" by divers. 

The Lavezzi were the scene of one of the greatest shipwrecks in the Mediterranean, described by Alphonse Daudet in "The Agony of Semilla.  On 15 February 1855, the wooden frigate, bound for the Crimea, was taken in a veritable storm in the Strait of Bonifacio.  It sank about noon while he was "dark as the mouth of a wolf."  There were no survivors among the 750 sailors and soldiers. 

The 80,000 hectares of the Lavezzi Reserve are managed and patrolled from Corsica, and all those entering this special area of the Mediterranean are asked to respect the fragility of the marine environment.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Apr-2009

Propiano (Anchorage)

holiday destination
good beaches

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Apr-2009

Anse du Fazzio (Anchorage)

Spectacular cove with an island in the entrance.  Uncomfortable in westerlys.
Anchor  in 3-5m with stern line or stern anchor.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Apr-2009

Bonafacio Harbour (Marina)

A well protected harbour and a major charter boat destination.

a 'must see', just for its exotic cliff-top setting above layers of limestone carved by the strong straits winds. 

big flight of steps to climb

Restaurants and cafés in town are better value than marina.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Apr-2009

Carghese (Anchorage)


Protected from the westerly swell behind the breakwater. 

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Apr-2009

Porto (Anchorage)

Swell from the SW and W.

only in fair winds, 
stunning scenery -
needles of pink granite on the south side

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Apr-2009

East Corsica

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Apr-2009

Scandola Nature Reserve (Scenic)

multicoloured rocks, clefts and caves rising straight out of the sea, rich with rare wild life. it's possible to anchor off Girolata, a tiny village only accessible by sea. 

Tour boats go home in the evening leaving peaceful anchorages


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Apr-2009

Taura Beach (Anchorage)

Open to the prevailing westerlies, but a very pleasant anchorage in the Scandola nature reserve.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Apr-2009

Macinaggio (Anchorage)

Anchoring is possible if the marina is full
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Apr-2009

Centuri (Marina)

Difficult to find a berth, but pretty town.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Apr-2009

Saint Florent (Anchorage)

Holiday town,  good beaches
Families prominade on the main square in the evenings.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Apr-2009

Porto Vecchio (Anchorage)

Figari Bay (Anchorage)

Rondinara (Anchorage)

Tonnara (Anchorage)

L'Īle Rousse (Anchorage)

Ajaccio (Anchorage)

Girolata (Mooring)

Pinarellu (Anchorage)