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Unspoiled beaches, friendly people,  wonderful walks.

Great restaurants in Livadia town. No discos. 
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 18-Mar-2009

Eristos Beach (Anchorage)

Wonderful anchorage off an unspoiled beach with many people camping in tenets under the trees.

Nudity seems to be the norm around the tents and from the center to the right of  the beach.

Behind the left side of the beach there is a small hotel that sets up chairs on the beach but the rest of the beach is unspoiled.

Good holding and good protection in the strong blow while we were there. 
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 16-Aug-2015

Livadia (Anchorage)

We anchored near the end of the pier, far enough away to avoid the ferry that comes in late at night. 

Good holding and protection. 

A beautiful, upscale resort town with many small boutique hotels and fine restaurants. 
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Dec-2015

Livadia (Town Dock)

Bow/Stern to the NW quay.

The ferry comes in here late at night and some docked boats are asked to move off during that time, make room for the ferry.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Dec-2015