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Try the Mai Tai: The house drink is the Mai-Tai-the popularity and potency of this drink has been known to cause people to react in a variety of ways!

Opening April 17 2009 at noon.
The annual opening of the Tiki Bar has become a firmly entrenched Southern Maryland tradition with crowds in excess of 10,000 people pouring in each year to celebrate the event.



Our Famous House Drink


Coconut Rum with Vanilla Liquor

Blue Tiki:

Tiki Version of the Blue Hawaii


A refreshing cream drink with Orange and Almond flavors

Bloody Mary:

Tiki Version with a special crab seasoning

Cajun Margarita:

Marinated with Fresh Jalapeno Peppers

Horny Margarita:

Made with premium Hornitos Tequila

Tiki Blossom:

A nostalgic orange flavored drink


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 16-Mar-2009