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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Mar-2009

Still Pond Creek (Anchorage)

Baltimore Inner Harbor (Marina)

Close to all the sights and attractions.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Mar-2009

Bodkin Creek (Anchorage)

Swan Creek

About 1 mile walk to restaurants in Rock Hall

Maptech Chart

Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 07-Mar-2009

Haven Harbour Marina (Marina)

Haven Harbour Marina
20880 Rock Hall Avenue
Rock Hall, Maryland 21661
Phone: 410-778-6697 / 800-506-6697



Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Mar-2009

Swan Creek (Anchorage)

Dinghy dock at Haven Harbor marina
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Mar-2009

Watermans Crab House

21055 Sharp Street

Free 2 hour docking while you dine.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Mar-2009

Fairlee Creek (Anchorage)

Great Oak Landing (Marina)

Reported to be a good restaurant.


If you are looking for a great Maryland marina, great boating location and great value, Mears Great Oak Landing resort marina has it all!  Conveniently located on beautiful Fairlee Creek overlooking the upper Chesapeake Bay on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Mears Great Oak Landing is a 70-acre 350 slip resort marina with all the services and amenities a discerning Captain demands.  A full service restaurant & lounge, 28 room lodge, banquet & party facilities, swimming pool, golf course, live weekend entertainment and Jellyfish Joel's tropical beach bar await slipholders and transient boaters alike.

Great Oak Landing started in August of 1955, as a private yacht club, marina and hunting lodge on Maryland's Eastern Shore.  It was quite popular in those days and became a favorite getaway for many who where in the know.  As time passed, Great Oak Landing grew to a magnificent 350 slip marina with all of the quality amenities and services to make you and your guests feel right at home.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Mar-2009

Sassafras River (Anchorage)

Good anchorage at Turner Creek

Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 07-Mar-2009

Above the bridge (Anchorage)

Bridge opens on demand
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Mar-2009

Galena (Supermarket)

Fredericktown (Mooring)

Havre de Grace (Anchorage)

Worton Creek (Anchorage)

Tolchester Marina (Marina)


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 12-Mar-2009

Patapsco River (Water)

The Patapsco River is the approach to the Baltimore Harbor. Most locals consider the entrance to the river to be on a line between Fort Smallwood Park and Fort Howrd Park. Some interesting features of the river are:

White Rocks
Fort Carroll Island
Francis Scott Keey Bridge

Two popular anchorages on the river are Rock Creek and Stoney Creek.

Doug and Janet [ September Song ] 12-Aug-2013

Rock Creek (Anchorage)

This is home base for me. There are many good anchorages in Rock Creek from the entrance to pretty far upstream. I grew up cruising these waters - I know them intimately.

Just about the entire creek shoreline is private property, so there are not many places to land if you need to walk your dog, or stretch your legs - unless you get permission from a marina owner to do so.

Just inside the mouth of the creek on the left is Maryland Yacht Club (look for the blue roof with MYC on it), one of only two places on the creek where you can buy fuel. They have Gas and Diesel. If you belong to a recognized yacht club, they may extend visitor status to allow you a transient slip if one is available. MYC is the 2nd oldest continuously operating Yacht Club in the United States - since 1908! Their number is (410) 255-4444. Further into Wall Cove past the Yacht Club is Fairview Marina, a family owned Full Service marina. If you need some work done, they are one of the premier yards on the Patapsco River. Fairview's number is (410) 437-3400. Not much in the way of local attractions or facilities are available outside Fairview except for the Weinberg park across the street. If you're desperate for provisions, which are several miles away, you may be able to bum a ride from one of the yard employees or slip holders - just ask. They are very friendly and accomodating.

As you enter the creek, the very large marina at the 10 O'Clock position is White Rocks Marina. Their phone number is 410-255-3800. They are a Full service yard and also feature a very good casual restaurant - Mike's Crab House North. Mike's has an outside dining area, Tiki Bar with entertainment many nights, and inside dining/bar as well. Mike's offers free dockage on "B" Pier while you dine. Ask your server about longer accomodations if desired. Call ahead to ask about reservations, slips, etc... (410) 255-7946. The only problem with staying at White Rocks (or anchoring in front) is that there is no protection from a strong northerly, and the waves roll right in off the Patapsco River. During the summer, with prevailing southerlies, it's not an issue. Just know the forecast before you stay here overnight. A short walk (less than 1 mile) up the road from White Rocks marina is another favorite restaurant of the locals - Tall Oaks Restaurant. Well worth the walk if Mike's is too crowded.

A very popular anchorage is to the right of the mouth of Wall Cove next to the White Rocks Marina. A good place to drop the hook in good weather, and probably the best place to be if you want to swim. Rock Creek has been under swimming restrictions for years. I would stay near the mouth of the creek if anyone wanted to swim.

As you pass White Rocks Marina on the left (be sure to honor the red marker on the right!!) the main body of the creek lies off to the right. Many good anchorages abound on Rock Creek, and the further you travel up the creek, the more snug they become. In the head waters of the creek, please pay special attention to the "no anchoring" zone. They have a bubbler system to help aerate the creek water and there is a no anchoring zone to protect the fragile piping system on the bottom of the creek. Once you see the white "no anchor" bouys, there is no anchoring anywhere from that point to the head waters, shore to shore. There are plenty of better anchorages elsewhere in Rock Creek so it should not be an issue.

Two more marinas to note further up the creek are Oak Harbor Marina on the left - (410) 255-4070 and Pasadena Yacht Yard on the right - (410) 255-1771. Pasadena had a gas dock a few years ago, not sure if Diesel is available.
Doug and Janet [ September Song ] 12-Aug-2013