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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Aug-2007


Dubrovnik is a fabulous old walled city and must not be missed.

We splurged and docked in the Komolac marina for one night so that we would not have to worry about the boat while we enjoyed Dubrovnik. We actually arrived at the marina very early in the morning, allowing us the full day in the city and a relaxed departure the next day before 2pm.

We caught a bus right outside the marina which cost Kn10 ($2) per person, each way.

Walking the ramparts around the city is a must. It cost Kn50 ($10) per person takes about 1-2 hours, and gives you a fabulous overview of the city.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 04-Oct-2009

Sipan island

Sipan has Suderad in the south west and Sipanka Luka in the north west. Both are well worth a visit.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 21-Feb-2009


Fascinating defensive walls built in 1333 run 5.5 Km across the isthmus to Mali Ston to protect the valuable salt pans and to isolate and defend the Pelesac Peninsula. At that time it was the longest fortification in Europe and second only to the great wall of China.

During French rule in the early 1800s they attempted to dig a canal across the isthmus.

The dusty old town of Ston does have it's charm and is steeped in history. 


Good all-round shelter. 

Spring water from the 1571 drinking fountain.
 Supermarket and open market. 

Walk to Mali Ston for famous seafood.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 21-Feb-2009

Lopud Island


Cavtat is a pretty town and a convenient clearance port, coming from the south or from Italy.

We arrived here in very strong katabatic head winds after a long overnight from Brindisi.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 04-Oct-2009

Pelesac Peninsula

Zaton (Anchorage)

Pleasant and sheltered  inlet. Small harbour and several anchorages.

A harbour fee is charged. 

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 21-Feb-2009

Slano (Town Dock)

Berth on the public quay,electric and water.

Many flotilla boats.

Mini markets, restaurants, cafe bars, hotels.

Moorings with electric and water.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 21-Feb-2009


Jakljan & Olipa (Anchorage)

Good unspoilt  lunch stops.

We anchored in Kosmec bay on Jaklan for lunch, but the wind was from the NW so the bay was abit choppy with a lee shore.

According to 777 this was a Serbian holiday resort for children, which will be developed into a luxury resort. It shows this as a prohibited anchorage.

The old buildings seemed almost deserted, except for some holiday campers that had arrived by boat.

We moved on to Ston after lunch.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 21-Feb-2009