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Fascinating defensive walls built in 1333 run 5.5 Km across the isthmus to Mali Ston to protect the valuable salt pans and to isolate and defend the Pelesac Peninsula. At that time it was the longest fortification in Europe and second only to the great wall of China.

During French rule in the early 1800s they attempted to dig a canal across the isthmus.

The dusty old town of Ston does have it's charm and is steeped in history. 


Good all-round shelter. 

Spring water from the 1571 drinking fountain.
 Supermarket and open market. 

Walk to Mali Ston for famous seafood.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 21-Feb-2009

Mali Ston

The energetic can walk up the steps and over the mountain along the defensive walls, but being less adventurous, we took a 15 minute stroll along the main road for a wonderful lunch of oysters (9Kn each) and dalmation ham at the Kapetanova Kuca restaurant.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Dec-2009

Salt Pans (Point of Interest)

These ae said to be the oldest salt pans in Europe dating back to prehistoric times.

I believe one can take a tour of the facilities.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Dec-2009

Caffe Bar Placa (Internet)

Internet access is available at the Caffe Bar Placa (under the green awnings) for 5Kn ($1) for 15 minutes. 
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Dec-2009

Castle (Point of Interest)

Ston (Town Dock)

We were charged 150Kn ($30) for 10m, alongside on the town dock which we thought was very steep, considering the lack of any facilities, and the overflowing dumpsters, but the town of Ston, and the walk over to Mali Ston should not be missed. The dock man yelled at a boat anchored in the middle of the bay and told them they could not anchor there. There were a couple of permanently moored boats in the bay too. 

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Dec-2009

Sv Nikola Monastery