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We anchored in here in the morning in company with Hob Nob, and went ashore for some shopping and coffee.

Hob Nob said they had paid 50Kn ($10) for anchoring the previous evening, which is not a bad price for this great location.

Beautiful bustling town. Well worth a visit.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 19-Aug-2009
Beautiful old houses and chapels, 2nd world war history. Greek and Roman remains.

Museum is worth a visit. A memorial to British servicemen
Berth on stone jetty. 

Sample wines and good food  at Mrs Roki at E end of quayside road.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 21-Feb-2009

Where we docked the dinghy (Dockage)

The Konzum supermarket is just behind here
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Dec-2009

Konzum (Supermarket)

Fruit market (Market)

Nice market on the waterfront and restaurants and coffe shops,

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Dec-2009