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Sipan has Suderad in the south west and Sipanka Luka in the north west. Both are well worth a visit.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 21-Feb-2009

Sipanska Luka (Anchorage)

We docked outside the ferry dock for a short visit to the town. Other boats were anchored south of the red light on the end of the quay. Charming little village, picturesque and quiet. We walked up to the church on the hill.

We tried without success to find  and taste Sipan wine, which is meant to be very good. We could find no winery, but people suggested that we would find wine in private homes for tasting.
Restaurant: Marko's Place?
Good breakfast  in hotel cafe?
Roman villa and Gothic duke's palace?
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 21-Feb-2009

Ferry Dock (Town Dock)

We docked alongside, outside the ferry dock for a quick visit to the town. People generally agreed that it was OK to dock there for a short while. I think the ferry goes on the inside or on the end of the dock.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Dec-2009

Sudurad (Anchorage)

We anchored north of the last rock, but could not find good holding, even on the white spots. Both the Bruce and the CQR dragged on the slick rock bottom.  The CQR finally held in weed.

We dinghied to town and tied up at the floating bar where we had a drink after walking around the interesting settlement. Unfortunately they had no loacl wine, which is meant to be good.

An amazing castle with a tall defensive tower is situated in the center of town.

Small fishing village, idyllic spot.  Restaurants and shop.

Walk around the impressive house Skocibuha.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 21-Feb-2009

Floating Bar (Dockage)

We had a drink here, but none of the famous Sipan wine was available.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Dec-2009

The Tower (Point of Interest)

Amazing defensive tower in the center of Sudurad
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Dec-2009