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4852 Ocean St
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233
Phone: (904) 246-8929

05/20/2008 Posted by diverdon

Although the docks are in rough shape and the marina is under renovation I would go miles out of my way to visit again. The managers are very cognizant of the shortcomings and are working hard to rapidly improve the facilities. We stayed only one night but we were treated like royalty. I have never been catered to like this before. We were travelling from Tampa Bay to Ontario Canada and this was the most facilitating marina on the journey. When we needed something Judy and her husband dropped what they were doing and made sure we had it. We were in dire need of a starboard running light and could not find a suitable housing assembly. Judy's husband came in after hours and spent a couple of hours going through old stock in a warehouse to fix us up. He went far beyond what any of us would ever have expected and would not go home until he was satisfied that we were in ship shape. I saw him open his fuel dock late at night for another boater coming from NYC who could not find fuel anywhere else in the area. Judy was like a family member right away and did not hesitate to lend us her van to go for provisions (ooops, sorry about that timing belt thing!) "Don't worry guys it would have happened anyway". These are great people....do yourself a favour and drop in tf you need something or just to ask for advice or directions. You won't regret it. When the new docks are in this marina will be second to none. There is a convience store, great restaurants and a neat bar within a five minute walk. We will be back.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 14-Feb-2009