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Kennedy Space Center (Excursion)

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Take guided tour of NASA's launch facilities.

Open every day (except Christmas) from 9 am.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Feb-2008

Titusville (Marina)

We weathered a big, Thanksgiving storm here on Rynegiest back in 1985 on our way to Fort Lauderdale.

As we were leaving the marina the next morning, the boat ahead of us kept gesturing in a SE direction. We had no clue what they were trying to tell us, until, all of a sudden, the Space shuttle launched right before our eyes. It was quite spectacular.
Howard and Jayne [ Rynegiest ] 15-Nov-1985
Walking tours of Titusville
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 15-Nov-1985

Anchorage (Anchorage)

Banana River (Anchorage)

The Point (Anchorage)

Addison Point (Anchorage)

Melbourne Causeway

Anchor between fixed bridge and Red marker #6, east of the channel in 6.5ft.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Apr-2009

7 Eleven (Shopping)

Dinghy Dock (Dockage)

 At the park at the end of the bridge. Tie to a park bench.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Apr-2009

Bizzaro's Famous New York Pizza (Restaurant)

 Highly recommended
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Apr-2009

Cocoa (Anchorage)

This is our home port.   Lots of boats stay in this anchorage, both permanently and passing through.  Free dingy dock on western shore.  Old town shops, restaurants and a park within an easy walk right at the  western shore.  A bit farther out, there is grocery and all other manner of shopping on the eastern side of the river.    A nice place to stop.  

Alan and Jennifer [ Morning Star ] 13-Jan-2010