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Transit log

When I checked in, in Datca, the agency that sold me my transit log also did all the clearing formalities and charged me about 85 euros.

They also tried to clear my cell phone through customs, as was required in 2006 to use a foreign phone in Turkey, but they were unable to do so. I ended up buying a new Turkish phone and SIM card which was about 129 Lira or 60 Euros and the SIM card I think about 15 Euro.

The Transit log seems to be more relaxed in Turkey and is only required when you check into marinas.

When I flew out from Marmaris for Christmas, Netsel Marina retained my Transit log and gave me a letter (in Turkish) to show to authorities if necessary. The transit log was given back to me on my return.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Feb-2008