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Niles Channel (Anchorage)

Little Pine Key (Anchorage)

Johnson Key

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Feb-2009

Porpoise Key (Anchorage)

Jewfish Basin (Anchorage)

No Name Key (Anchorage)

No Name Bar (Bar)

The oldest bar on Big Pine Key and a bit of a landmark. The walls and the ceilings are covered in real dollar bills.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Feb-2009

Big Pine Key (Anchorage)

Saddlebunch Harbor (Anchorage)

Cudjoe Channel (Anchorage)

Bahia Honda (Anchorage)

Little Spanish Key (Anchorage)

Newfound Harbor Chanel (Anchorage)

Bow Channel (Anchorage)