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Anglefish Creek (Waterway)

Best to negotiate the entrance at or near high water. We have been through here several times with 6 ft of draft.

The channel is quite deep once you are inside of the rocky channel.

Pay attention to the depths sounder and channel marks.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Feb-2008

Angelfish anchorages (Anchorage)

Jewfish Creek

Pumpkin Key (Anchorage)

Landing is prohibited on this private island, but it you can find protection from any wind direction here.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 29-Jan-2008

Commerant Rookeries (Anchorage)

<5 ft
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 11-Feb-2009

Card Sound south 1124 (Anchorage)

Card Sound East 1124 (Anchorage)

No discharge zone
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 11-Feb-2009

Barnes Sound South (Anchorage)

< 6ft
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 11-Feb-2009

Division Point 1132 (Anchorage)

<5.5 ft
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 11-Feb-2009

Thursday Cove (Anchorage)

Card Sound bridge 1126 (Anchorage)