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Lovely anchorage and beach below the ruins of an old fortress on a spectacular rocky outcrop called El Hornillo . We climbed up to the ruins and found many chards of pottery and amphoras which we photographed and left in place.

Don't fall into the deep pits within the ruins.

Apparently there was a Garum factory here at one stage. Garum was an ancient, sort after sauce made from fermented fish intestines in Roman times. It is meant to be delicious with food , but quite pungent while it is being produced. The island probably provided good isolation from settlements ashore. Perhaps the amphoras that we saw were for bottling and distributing the precious liquamen.

There is an interesting man-made tunnel in the rocks on the beach side which gives access to the path that continues along the rocks.

I don't think the passage between the island and the shore is passable in more than a dinghy, but the shoal provides some shelter from the East.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 02-Aug-2005

Tunnel through the rock (Point of Interest)

There is an interesting, walk way  tunnel through the rock along the beach here.

Without a flashlight we did  not venture very far inside in the pitch dark, but we saw other people going all the way through.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 29-Jan-2009

Ruins (Point of Interest)