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El Hierro was considered the end of the world, beyond which there be monsters and dragons. In fact, Ptolemaeus placed the prime meridian here as this was western edge of the known world in 195 AD (The British moved it later to Greenwich).
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 30-Jan-2009

Puerto de la Estaca (Town Dock)

Dock against the wall with long lines for the 2.8m tide, perhaps with a stern anchor to hold one off the wall protuberances.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 30-Jan-2009

Check-in Procedure (Formalities)

The port authority is in the ferry terminal above the restaurant and is open only in the mornings. Their living quarters are adjacent to the office if they need to be contacted after hours.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 30-Jan-2009

La Restinga (Town Dock)

Nature Reserve

No anchoring or diving along this protected SW coast.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 30-Jan-2009