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We anchored here for a couple of nights to do some, much needed brightwork. Very secure anchorage with excellent mud holding in 2 or 3 meters. 

The water was warm 28C and clear most of the time but a little murky on  the last day.

There were a 4 other boats, obviously left unattended while there owners traveled elsewhere. This attests to the security of the anchorage from the prevailing summer winds. By the condition of the flags, one boat looked like it had been there safely for a few years.

I took a 10 minute dinghy run to the Mandraki side of Ermioni and walked over the hill to the supermarket to replenish our beer supply.

This is a great place to veg out, swim and potter around the boat in secure and pretty surroundings. It was quite a bit breezier here that in Ermioni. A few other boats ventured in, but did not stay long, so we had the whole place to ourselves.  Just farmland, and a few houses, occasional locals swimming off the shore, and a ski boat came out to use the floating platform on one occasion.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Aug-2010


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 08-Jan-2009